Identify Good and Scam Free Cash Home Buying Company?

Unfortunately, some of these companies are scams and you must have heard from people and read from internet about scams of cash home buying companies. But you don’t need to worry. You can find a good and scam free company.housing scam

How to find a reputable Cash Home Buying company:-

These steps will help you to find a good cash home buying company.

  • Decide your Needs and Timeline
  • Start Talking to Companies
  • Check the Offers
  • Choose the Company that is Best for You


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What Every First-time Homebuyer Should Know

I have buying houses cash for last 20 years as I am a real estate investor (usually buy homes to re-sell) so this might be a little long winded. I gutted my first house bought and did a complete renovation so I have messed with a lot of things. These things are in no particular order, just things I have gleaned over the years. Also, I live in Phoenix, so some of this advice may be region specific.


1) When you put the contract on the house, make sure you put the offer is contingent on an inspection. Hire your own independent, home inspector and if there is something you are really uneasy about (needs new roof, bad plumbing, crappy insulation, etc.) either negotiate the price down to offset the cost of the repair, require the seller to fix the issues before the sale or walk away from the deal.

2) Depending on your area, search for any permits pulled on the house for construction. This is all public record. Look for sinkhole repairs, new roofs, or any other construction related permits. These help you know if there has been significant repair work done to the house. If they have pulled a permit for anything sinkhole related (grouting or pilings) walk away from the house and find another one. Sinkhole prone houses are to be avoided at all cost.

3) Try and find out the utility costs for the home before hand. I live in Florida so my electric fluctuates like crazy because of the summer heat. I’m talking a $100 swing at least between december and july. Also, when I bought my house, they had an average water bill of $400 a month because they had a massive leak they didn’t know about that destroyed the kitchen. I used that to drive the price down. Knowing the average utility cost can help you decide if your budget can handle the house.

4) If you are doing repairs/renovations, get at least 3 estimates. Be wary of a bid that is way below the others. Contractors who under bid tend to do a few things a) crappy sub-standard work b) try and find ways to increase your cost through additional services that “they find along the way”.

5) Odds are your loan will be sold to a different bank at some point. It’s no big deal because the terms of your loan will remain constant. I never made a payment to my original lender before my mortgage was sold to wells fargo.

6) No adjustable rate mortgages. Ever. Only get a fixed rate mortgage. There are enough horror stories on the internet about this one. Also, I got an FHA loan with my house, but they since changed the rules and now with an FHA the PMI never comes off instead of when you have paid 20% of the principle. Check with your mortgage broker about things like that. I pay about $120 a month in PMI. Would suck for that to never come off.

7) Set aside a decent amount of money for unforeseen repairs in the first few months. Busted water heater, squirrels in the attic, leaking roof whatever. You’re on the hook now for all repairs. It sucks.

8) Look at the condition of the air conditioners. Replacement units can get expensive depending on what kind of system you have and what kind of climate you are in. If they are really old, you could be replacing them soon.

9) Take a good hard look at your budget and I mean everything. Food costs, utilities, etc. and figure out of you can actually afford the house. Homes come with a lot of hidden costs.

Awesome you have a pool, you now have to buy chemicals or hire a pool service.

Sweet I have a yard. Now I need to buy a lawn mower, weed eater, etc and buy the gas, etc. to run as well as spend the time keeping it nice. HOAs can get really pissy really fast.

Your house is now 3 times farther from your job so now you gas bill tripled.

Lots of hidden costs that you won’t know about before you buy the house. Make sure there is some wiggle room in your budget. If not, you’re sunk.

Oh and just because you got approved for whatever amount doesn’t mean you have to spend it. I was approved for over $200k and I spent $120k on my house. Do what’s best for your financial situation.

10) Sometimes the best deal you can make on a house is to walk away. Never be afraid to kill the deal if something isn’t to your liking and there isn’t a work around that satisfies you. It’s your money, time, and energy on the line. Don’t get talked into a fixer upper if you don’t want to deal with that or an overpriced brand new home if it’s beyond your budget.

11) Be careful with the brand new homes. You would not believe the cost cutting measures some of the builders take. Research the builder if you go that route and make sure they are reputable. Maybe discuss a warranty on certain aspects of the home.

12) Look up any fees associated with your neighborhood. HOAs, etc. If you go condo/townhouse route, be really careful with the HOA fees. My HOA is $125 a year for my house, while my buddy has a $400 a month HOA for his 2 bedroom condo his wife owned before they got married. Those can be budget killers.

13) All repairs will cost more than you think. Tack on 30% to any estimate as a contingency if you can.

Update: thought of other stuff and I am out of work for the day.

14) Home owner’s insurance is a pain. Make sure you shop around. I have an insurance agent who shops for em and he is great. 2 months after I bought my house, my original insurance company decided they didn’t like my roof so they canceled my policy (they get twitchy about that especially here in Florida). I had to go shopping for new insurance, but no one would give me a policy until I put a new roof on. $8300 later, I had a new policy with a better company. So it worked out, sorta.

15) No idea what area your in, but check FEMA to see if you’re in a flood zone. If you are in a flood zone, you are required to have flood insurance. If you are not technically in flood zone, you may want to look into flood insurance anyway. I am not in one, but my area floods from time to time because people jacked up their yards and the drainage went to crap. I pay $300 a year for a good flood policy just in case I get water intrusion from this. Most home owner’s policies do not cover flooding related damage so you would be on the hook for those repairs (think new carpet, cabinets, etc.) if you don’t have a flood policy.

16) If you are looking at a 2-story home, remember that things like bursts pipes and other leaks filter down. So a burst shower pipe on the second floor usually translates into ceiling damage and potentially mold on the first floor. Just something to keep in mind. Oh also, 2 story homes cost more to A/C especially if you only have 1 unit. Most homes in Florida will have independent upstairs and downstairs units because it is cheaper this way.

17) If you do no other repairs to your home, fix the soffit vents to the attic spaces or whatever opening here are. Critters in the attic can destroy everything including wiring, lights, A/C systems and whatever else you got up there.

18) Ask your mortgage broker if you can have your home owner insurance and property taxes put into escrow and paid through your mortgage payment. Makes it so you only make 1 payment (to your mortgage company) every month. They will withhold the monthly amount for your insurance and taxes and pay them for you when they are required. A couple less things you need to actively worry about each month.

Side note about property taxes if you do it this way. Property taxes are estimated each year and that is what determines how much you would pay each month. Sometimes the mortgage company can’t do math and you get screwed. For instance, last year, they estimated my property taxes were going to be lower, so they reduced my payment by $100 for the year. Well come February, they informed me they screwed up and there was a shortage in my escrow account for the property taxes. So my payment not only reverted back to its original amount, but also increased an extra $110 to make up for the escrow shortage.


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